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Lingayat does not believe in piligrimage (kasi, varanasi etc...)



Why go to holy places
when you have the linga on your body?
If the linga on your body touches installed linga,
I cannot say which is great, which small!
People perished not knowing
the absolute that is beyond the reach of speech.
Your head becomes pure
by bowing to the jangama;
your hand becomes pure
by worshipping the linga.
Do not show me a breaker of vows,
who, ignoring the linga on the body,
bows to a distant linga,
Koodala Chennasangayya. -653 [1]

It is of no worth to go round and round.
It is of no worth to bathe a million times in Ganga.
It is of no worth to climb the high mountain and shout.
It is of no worth to touch the body with daily rituals.
If one can fix the mind that always moves firm
then, the linga called Guheshwara is sheer light itself. -Allama Prabhu/625 [1]

Are the divine world and mortal world different?
Are there many worlds in this one world?
Shiva’s world is where Shiva-achara is.
Where the Shiva devotee is, there the divine world is.
The devotee’s yard is Varanasi,
his body is Kailasa.
This is the truth Koodalasangamadeva. -Guru Basava/232 [1]

Should you look for butter holding milk in your hand?
Should you go to holy place holding linga in your hand?
Why the need of worshipping any other God,
when you make friendship with linga?
ishtalingamavishvasya yoanyadaivamupasate
Shvanayonishalam gatva chandalagrighamacharet
He, who worships other God neglecting the ishtalinga,
will take birth in the womb of a bitch and
dwell in the house of a chandala.
So such a sinner cannot escape
the punishment of being sent to hell,
Koodala Chennasangamadeva. -934 [1]

Do devotees have poverty?
Do truthful men have karma?
Do the devotees who serve with their whole mind
have mortal world and Kailaasa?
Wherever he is, that is the holy place,
His body is always in the bliss of Amareeshwaralinga -1526 [1]

If sharana sleeps, it is chanting.
If he gets up from sleep, it is Shivaraatri.
What he does is pure act.
What he speaks is Shiva-principle.
The very body of Koodalasanga's sharana is kailaasa. -Guru Basava/363[1]

Varanasi, Avimukti-he is here.
Hima Kedara, Virupaksha-he is here.
Gokarna, Seturameshwara-he is here.
Srishaila Mallinatha-he is here.
He who is in all holy places is here.
Whole linga Uliyumeshwara is here. -Uliyumeshwara Chikkanna/1595[1]

For the pure one who is united with Shiva
the break of day is new moon day
midday is solstice
evening is full moon day
the yard of a devotees house is Varanasi Raamanaatha. -Jedara Dasimayya/1714[1]

If any calls man as the Giver
slap his mouth with the sole of a shoe.
God enters a man's heart
and gives him his fill,
Devaraaya Soddala. - Soddala Bacharasa/2115[1]

[1] Number indicates at the end of each Vachana is from the book "Vachana", pub: Basava Samiti Bangalore 2012.

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