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Equality in Work (Kayaka)


Kayaka is Kailaasa (In work itself Heaven resides)

If engaged in kaayaka
one should forget visiting guru;
forget worshiping linga
and ned not bother even if jangama stands waiting.
As kaayaka is Kailaasa
even Amareeshwaralinga is included in kaayaka -Aaydakki Marayya/1520 [1]

Being born in whatever caste or gotra
one should have no pollution in ones kaayaka or devotion. Whatever vow is taken
one should follow it in body, mind and words,
not caring for what others think.
Can one get ones nose cut for the sake of others?
Can one mix inauspicious with auspicious
just because elders say so?
For one who has purity of feeling in action
and divine knowledge filled in his feelings
such bhakta of guru will be
Chennabasavanna Saakshiyaagi
Kamaleshwaralinga himself. -Kannadi Kayakada Ammidevayya/1615 [1]

All kaayaka is one kaayaka..
One vow is as good as another.
If you escape deceit, there is no death.
If you escape vow there is no union.
If you unite like the cuckoo and a crow
then, it’s for sure great hell
O Gangeshwaralinga. - Gangamma/1374

Importance of work (Kayaka)

Those who are without kaayaka are not devotees.
that which is not truthful and pure is not kaayaka.
Desire is the seed of this world.
Lack of desire is liberation.
Look avva,
it’s not easy with Urilingapeddigalarasa. - 1298[1]

Taking up a vow,
entering into houses of devotees,
giving up kaayaka, and to beg for money and gold
is not the done thing for a good devotee.
That quality is far away from Amareeshwaralinga -Aaydakki Marayya/1524 [1]

Doing a little kaayaka and asking for more in return-
is it truthful kaayaka?
Requesting a little from devotees for more kaayaka
purifies the mind for Amareeshwaralinga. -Aaydakki Marayya/1527 [1]

Begging from others, cajoling them,
pestering them, troubling them
and then offering it to jangama and linga is no good.
Making the body earn it,
making the mind earn it
even if it is just wild leaves and raw fruits,
doing daasohatojangama and linga
by serving jangama who comes to you
tired in body and mind is worship,
holy offering to Chandeswaralinga. -Nuliya Chandayya/1817[1]

Even for a guru
kaayaka gives liberation.
Even for linga
kaayaka removes the quality of being mere sign.
Even for jangama
kaayaka cuts the bond of pretension.
Even guru should serve the living beings.
Even linga should serve the living beings.
Even jangama should serve the living beings.
That is the knowledge of
Channabasavannapriya Chandeswaralinga. -Nuliya Chanayya/1820[1]

Mind should not be disturbed
by the wealth earned through true and pure kaayaka.
For the rightful wage one should work without fail.
If you desire for the wealth apart from the rightful wage
or desire for gold, you lose the merit of service you have done.
Let you go the noose of desire.
For me the happiness ofjangama
is the very life of Chandeswaralinga. -Nuliya Chanayya/1824[1]

If one earns by pure and truthful kaayaka,
remains without deceit, losing the world
and offers daasoha to a true jangama,
in the heart of such a virtuous devotee
Kaamadhuma Dhuleshwara
remains like an imprint. - Maadara Dhulayya/1938[1]

Whatever be the kaayaka, doing one’s kaayaka,
presenting everything to guru, linga and jangama,
receving whatever remains and wishing well-
suffer if you are sick,
howl if you are in pain,
die if death comes.
Why do you need a god for this Laddeya Soma?
-Laddeya Somanna/2025[1]

[1] Number indicates at the end of each Vachana is from the book "Vachana", pub: Basava Samiti Bangalore 2012.

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