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Concept of GOD in Lingayat


Who is GOD? How is GOD?

The spider that has wound
from the cords a nest of threads,
from where did it bring the threads?
There is no spinning wheel,
no cotton ball first of all,
and who spun the threads?
Drawing out the thread from its body
spreading it about, swinging in it in love
in the end concealing it within itself, is the spider.
our Koodalasangamadeva
can draw it into himself
the world that he has caused. -Guru Basava/160[1]

O child without father or mother,
you were born and bred by yourself!
Your contentment
has become the contentment of your praana.
To the penetrators you are impenetrable.
You shine in your glory!
Your nature is natural to you Guheshwara. -Allama Prabhu/536[1]

As the leaves and flowers within the tree
show with the passage of time
the true nature of Shiva
shows itself as per the wish of Shiva.
If it is play, it is Umapati;
if the play stops, it is the Svayambhu, Guheshwara. -Allama Prabhu/587[1]

the lightning behind the cloud
the mirage behind the nothingness,
the silence behind the sound
the light behind the eyes
such is your state Guheshwara. -Allama Prabhu/596[1]

For his fun, he created the entire world.
For his fun, he encircled it with the universe.
For his fun, he turned it around in endless woes.
When Shiva known as my Chennamallikaarjuna
had had enough of this game
himself will tear up the bond of illusion. -Akka Mahadevi/1191[1]

Like the treasure hidden in the earth,
the taste hidden in the fruit,
the gold hidden in the stone,
the oil hidden in the seed,
the fire hidden in the tree,
the Brahma hidden in feeling,
O Chennamallikaarjuna
your be-ing is hard to be perceived. -Akka Mahadevi/1199 [1]

O mother!
I am in love with the one
who knows no death, no evil, no form.
I am in love with the one
who knows no place, no space, no beginning, no end
who is fearless and lovely.
I am in love with the one
who knows no fears nor the snares of this world
the Boundless One who knows no bounds.
More and more I am in love
with my husband
known by the name of Chennamallikaarjuna. -Akka Mahadevi/1230 [1]

To search in the woods
he is not a bush;
to search in the ponds
he is not fish or frog;
to do penance for him
he is not to be owned by adapted roles;
to search by punishing one’s body
he is not a lender.
Linga hidden in eight bodies,
Ambigar Chowdayya
saw by reaching and touching it -Ambigara Chowdayya/1381[1]

No garlands of demons
no trident or drum
no skull of Brahma
not decorated with sacred ash
not the one on the ox
not the one with rishis;
the one who has no worldly affairs, has no name-
said Ambigar Chowdayya. -Ambigara Chowdayya/1387[1]

A stone god is no god,
a clay god is no god,
a wooden god is no god,
the god made of five metals is no god,
the god in Sethu Rameshwara, Gokarna, Kashi, Kedara
and such eighty six million holy places
is no god.
If a person knows himself
realizes who he is, he is himself god
Apramaana Koodalasangamadeva -2444 [1]

[1] Number indicates at the end of each Vachana is from the book "Vachana", pub: Basava Samiti Bangalore 2012.

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