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Let us see what the need of Panchaachars is; and what the Panchachars in Lingayat Religion are. Basically the ordinary human beings in their daily living encounter the followiong three needs;

(a) Body needs (food, sleep, and sheathing)
(b) Mind needs (recreation, knowledge)
(c) Social needs (including religious needs).

The first two associated with as an individual, and the third one with as the member of the society.

The body needs are food, sleep, sheathing (cloths, home), health, and reproductive. The first three are essential for the protection of the body, and the last one for the reproductive life plan (means of reproduction).

The mind (mental) needs are recreation and knowledge of which the former is for the relief of hard work and the latter is for enrichment of the mind.

Social needs are loving and hating, giving and taking, submitting and dominating, and solitude and blending. Acceptance of God and close relationship with him invokes another type of need that is called religious needs.

So panchacharas are the code of conduct to prevent the getting (satisfying) his human needs illegally or forcefully or by snatching or by killing/hurting other creatures in the world (society).

Panchacharas are intending to convey the principles of religion and religious conduct. These Panchacharas are

1. Shivachara
2. Lingachara
3. Sadachara
4. Bruthyachara and
5. Ganachara .

Therefore, they are intended to enrich Lingayats with devotion, sanctimony, brotherhood, religious cooperation, honest life, and non-injury to other living creatures, camaraderie, and fellowship.

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