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Korneshwar Virakt Matha, Usturi


Korneshwar Virakta Matha

Korneshwar virakta matha is one of the very popular matha(Monastrey) in Usturi(Maharashtra State). Actually this Matha has been established in 15th century. Mahatma Basavanna did revolutionary work in 12th century.


Korneshwar Virakt Matha is established in 15th century by Yedeyooru Sidhaling Yati. He established Virakta Matha to spread the principals of Mahatma Basavanna.

This Mutha is very famous because here many saints or Sharanas works for Lingayatism and to expand the thoughts of Basavanna in the society.

Korneshwar Swami:

Korneshwar swami is a nobleman. He dedicated his whole life to the society. He has done lots of social work through the Korneshwar Virakta Matha Usturi. He was basically from Karnataka state. He always follows the way that Basavanna gives to the society in the 12th century.

He is respected fellow. He always guide to the society. He always tried to explain the Vachanas of Lord Basavanna. He always is doing good work for the society. He always guides the people that how to live in the society without afraid to anybody and without hurt to anybody. He always said to people that everyone should do work honestly. There is no complete life without work.

Shivling Swami:

Shivling swami came in Usturi after the death of Korneshwar Swami First. He continue work which was started by korneshwar swami for the society and guide people or show the path who has been disturbed.

Shivlinga swami always concentrates on the work of expanding the thoughts of Basavanna and also interested in farming. Some People says him that he is not a saint he is the farmer.

Korneshwar MahaSwami: (Appa)

Korneshwar swami is very good and active person. He come into usturi after the death(Lingaikya) of Shivling Swami. He comes in usturi at that time his age was only 19 years old. He studied about the Basavanna, Vachana, Music, Indian Classical music, etc.

He is really respected person in the Society. He always tries to give the true information to the people. Because of this quality of Korneshwar Swami, he was much respected person in the society.

People call him as Appa kindly. He always tries to say people that we are Lingayat and Linagayat is the religion not sub caste of the other religion. He always follows the roots of Basavanna.

He always helps the people who are in troubled also He always guides the people who are getting disturbed in their life. He always helps the people in all way. He always gives knowledge to the people. He dedicated life for lingayatism. He always tries to help the people.

There are lots of works doing by the Korneshwar swami.

Korneshwar Virakt Matha, Usturi
Post: Usturi, Tq:Nilanga
Dist: Latur-413607
Mobile: 09503964944-(Usturi-Maharashtra)
Mobile: 09845771612-(Dhotargaon-Karnatka)

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